Top Teenagers Party Themes

Teen parties are best organized by the teens themselves but parents’ suggestions would probably be welcomed once a theme is chosen. For example, an Alice in Wonderland party is a great excuse for dressing up and has wonderful opportunities for a costume contest and games – starting with flamingo croquet. Check out the movie for ideas and make sure the cakes and cookies have “Eat Me” piped on them.

Teens need plenty of activities so often the most successful parties are Mystery Parties, where teams can work together solving a murder or other challenge. There are many choices online of instantly downloadable mystery games, such as zombies or vampire-themed murder mysteries, a Hawaiian Luau murder mystery, and a traditional haunted house mystery. These games can fit in with many chosen themes – a Wild West party, a Halloween party, a poolside setting and so on. A party based on the TV series Survivor is also a popular idea with kids divided into two teams faced with a series of challenges set up on advance. Décor needs to be a tropical island theme (which you can use again next year for a Hawaiian Luau!) videos for teens.

Scavenger Hunts and Amazing Race Parties can also be wonderful for involvement and excitement, but the planning has to be detailed for it to come off successfully. The actual food and decorations depend on your budget and with a popular theme it is easy to find party supplies online.

Teen Beach parties are a great summer idea and simple to plan as it’s a beach barbeque plus the party decorations and favors. A cute idea for the invitations is using beach balls, deflated (and hand-delivered) after writing the invitation in permanent marker. A gazebo can be set up on the beach with balloons to mark the site and food kept simple with hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. Beach volleyball and swimming are more than enough activity and you can provide do-it- yourself sundaes to complement the cake. Luau parties with a Hawaiian theme also work well around a pool as well as a beach. Supplies such as paper leis, grass skirts and beachcomber hats for the boys are easy to find, and games such as water balloon volley ball and a limbo and hula contest work off the energy before a barbeque.

Teenage girls especially enjoy cooking for the party themselves. With help from willing parents, a French bistro can be set up with small tables, candles, and a menu in French. Non alcoholic wine can be served by the “French “waiter, and there can be a choice of entrees, salads and desserts. If this is too ambitious, just a dessert party can be a great success. Guests can assemble their own sundaes, or decorate their own cupcakes for prizes. To add a little more challenge, guests should also try their hand at difficult desserts such as crepes, crème brulee or individual lemon meringue pies. A good movie to follow completes the Dinner and a Movie idea.

Spa parties are very popular for girls and these can range from an expensive afternoon at a local spa for facials and makeovers, or at home with careful planning and shopping for supplies. Provide flip flops, which the guests can decorate and keep, offer mineral water and diet snacks and do some dancercise to a video or yoga stretches – then bring on the desserts!