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Are you searching for the best WoW gold farming tips to help you make more gold faster? There are many ways to make World of Warcraft gold faster, and farming is one of the best ways to start. In this article, I will discuss some tips and pointers that you can take note of before and during your gold farming trips.

Top 3 WoW Gold Farming Tips

1. Choose the Right Monsters to Farm

Many players have no idea which monsters to farm to maximize their playing time. It is preferable that you look for targets that are 1 to 4 levels lower than you. You should also find targets that re-spawn quickly. Avoid farming monsters that are higher levels than you because you will waste a lot of time if you are killed instead. Keep the 2 pointers above in mind and you should find yourself killing monsters fast and maximizing your gold making time.

2. Carry Sufficient Water, Bandages and Mana Potions and Food While Farming

You will be engaged in a lot of fighting when farming, so it is wise that you load up with the items listed above before you start. Without those items, you will find yourself resting a lot and wasting time just to wait for your mana and health levels to restore themselves.

The amount of items will depend very much on the type of character that you are using. For example, mages can make water and food, so they should create more of those before farming. Characters that can heal need not bring too many bandages since they can give themselves first aid when needed.

3. Bring Enough Food for your Pet (For Hunters)

Your pet will do much better if it is fed well, so make sure you remember to have enough food for them when farming.