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Lighting effects are an important part of equipment for any DJ to give his best performance. It is very important to choose the correct lighting according to the venue and space. Selection of DJ lights totally depends upon the venue and space for the event. It is an important factor that a DJ should take into consideration because it is very important part to attract the customers. Lighting should be such that your customers are easily attracted to your performance. It should also be easily affordable. You can easily enhance the entertainment at the venue by providing best lighting.

For the beginners it is very important to buy the right lighting rig. Your lighting set up should be suitable for every event and should be affordable by everyone. Just buying the latest equipment will not serve your purpose; it could be a waste of money. So, beginners should be very careful while choosing the lighting rig. As a DJ you have to perform at different venues which need different lighting effects. Sometimes it is difficult to accommodate your lighting equipment at some places so you need to be very careful while arranging the lighting at every venue. You also have to be careful about the requirements of your customer. It is very important that your customer should appreciate your arrangement. dj lighting guide is one of the authority sites on this topic.

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Your lighting rig should be such that it is easily fitted in the vehicle and at the venue. It should not be too large or heavy for practical use. Your equipment, including the lighting, should be pleasing to your customers and enhance the effect to your performance. Your performance is dependent on your overall performance in which lighting plays an important role. People choose mobile DJ because they get full entertainment package at one place and fits their budget as well.

It is best to choose the complete lighting effect as it will serve your purpose for all the venues. Many DJs are choosing LED lights because they are affordable, lightweight and do not run as hot as standard lights.