Backpack Water Filters – Review

Backpacking is a great way to enjoy the sights, but if you find yourself lost or out of a fresh, safe water supply, you may want to find other options. When it comes to water, looks can be deceiving. Even the clearest looking water can contain harmful parasites, bacteria and chemicals. Even the most remote lakes or streams in the wilderness can contain Giardia lamblia or other dangerous parasitic microorganisms.

It is important to pack backpack water filters regardless of the length of your hiking or camping trip. Though there are no safer methods than boiling your water, filtering systems such as PUR or Sweetwater use carbon filter cartridges that are easy to clean and replace. These are simple and cost effective means of purifying water that is clear and contains a low percentage of unwanted sediment, though this may not fully protect you from all the bacteria and parasites lingering in for more best water purification tablets.

If you are worried about the weight of your pack, or merely want a lightweight option that does not come with all the fuss of a complex filtering system, iodine tablets and iodine crystals come highly recommended from wilderness veterans, as it is lightweight and easy to store. The only disadvantages to iodine treated water is its off-taste and inability to remove any material left floating in the water.

Just because water is in the mountains or a remote location, does not make it clean. Always pack at least one means of purifying your water. By carrying a few bottles or canteens of water and having a dependable means of water filtration, you can insure that you won’t fall ill due to any unwanted additions in your drinking water.